Zombifying Your Halloween Costume for a Modern Look

Try to come up with a new Halloween costume this year? Well, here are some ideas how to zombify your old Halloween costume. Turn that old Halloween costume into a new one by making it a zombie!

The Walking Dead is a television drama series, according to which people who were once alive are now most likely dead.

Zombifying Your Old Halloween Costume for a Modern Walking Dead Look

So, to make your new, creative Halloween costume, take just about any costume you never plan to put on again and zombify it. Witch, Fireman, Prisoner, Officer, Monk, Clowns and more.

To turn your old Halloween costumes into a zombie one, add cuts and rips to the clothing, use zombie makeup, scars, scratches, and wound marks, dirty up your costume with fake blood and fray the pant legs and sleeves.

To get more ideas, review many other zombie costumes that are now available on the Internet. Below, there are a few examples where you can add a zombie face to the costume.

Lady Gaga as a zombie. Most people around the world like Lady Gaga. You have probably worn a Lady Gaga costume for your last Halloween party, but are you going to put on this again? No way!

For the second time, you will look just boring in your old Halloween costume. If you have no time and money to get completely the new Halloween outfit, then refresh your old one! Take your celebrity’s costume and turn it into a zombie.

For this, cut your clothes, create an effect of a bloody mouth, add some scratches to your face, arms, and legs, create a black eye with the help of a black eye pencil, and achieve a skin rotting effect.

Zombie Captain America. Yes, all of us know that Captain America’s duty is to survive a zombie attack, but it only takes one scratch or bite to become infected!

To create that zombie effect, apply some fake blood to the ripped and distressed areas of your Captain America costume to simulate wounds.

Cover your face with white makeup and apply black makeup around the eyes. Use some fake blood or red makeup around your mouth to simulate bleeding.

If just one superhero got bit, then it might be over for the entire group. So, ask your friends to show up as zombie superheroes to the next Halloween party for a perfect group costume.

Team up as Zombie Robin and Zombie Batman to create a perfect couple Halloween costume… As you see, zombifying makes your Halloween costume options almost limitless.

Once your costume is ripped and the makeup is applied, you are ready to go!