Halloween Costumes for Couples with Babies

If you are a couple with your baby this Halloween and your intention is to go with this look, then you would definitely like to take up a family group costume this Halloween that will match well.

What about becoming Crayola crayons with your minion?!

With such an outlook, your little one will look such a cutie pie. If you need a real inspiration, then mimic the prince and princess of London? Be Kate, William, and their son if you have one this Halloween.

If you have a daughter and you are going to go as a movie couple, then go for the popular Vampire love story costume. Be dashing Edward and Bella with their little pretty Eirene. This family group Halloween costume will be a classic hit among other costumes because these characters are extremely popular these days.

How about making a shark attack theme with your baby?! Dress your little one as a shark and two of you become the surfers. A man can apply some fake red blood to pretend like being hit by a shark. A woman could get that rescuer look.

On the other hand, the woman could be a shark and a baby could become a rescuer. Daddy, do not panic because your baby is on its way to rescue you. That will be such a fabulous Halloween theme for a little family of three.

If there are candy lovers in your family, dress up as M&Ms or Skittles. Cut large circles out of different colored cardboard or felt. Cut two for everybody, and attach the front and back with the help of double-sided tape.

Do not forget to leave an opening large enough for the person to put on the costume. For a “healthier” costume, make every member of your family dress as a piece of fruit. Use cardboard, felt, or poster board to cut out fruit shapes.

To create a look of a bunch of grapes, paint circles in purple and stick them onto a person. For a more unique look, go as peas in a pod. Your baby can be a pea, and you parents can go as the pods.

If you lack some time to put together your family Halloween costume, then make your family members dress as doctors (and your little one, of course) in scrubs and each carry a different medical instrument, such as a stethoscope or a reflex hammer.

For a happy family of wizards, put on dark robes or capes and have every family member decorate themselves with glitter paints. To finish your family Halloween costume, carry wands.

To go trick-or-treating as a family of Dalmatians, wear white sweat suits or a white shirt with pants and attach black paper spots with the help of double-sided tape as well.