Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Pet

Show your love for your adored pet with a Halloween costume ensemble to match two of you. From skeletons and ghouls to TV actors and pop stars, take your pick.

Make Your Pet Involved: Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Pet

Caveman – Donosaur. To create a look of caveman, you will need a wig, bone jewelry, and a fake wood club. To complete your look, put on a leopard tunic and a matching belt.

Transform your furry friend into an adorable T-Rex with the help of a bought Halloween costume.

Ariel – Ursula. This Halloween costume is inspired by a Disney movie. Dress up as Ariel and your dog can become Ursula.

Referee – Football. If you are a football fan, then dress up as a referee. For this look, you will need a black and white striped T-shirt, a pair of black pants, whistle, and black shoes.

Dress up your dog as a football. All you need is to cut the shape out of a cardboard and color it in white and black.

Vampire – Bat. For those who are twilight inspired there is a good idea to become a vampire for Halloween.

If you are one of them, then get yourselves a red cape, some fangs, and lots of fake blood. Turn your furry friend into a bat; make a bat vampire using a fabric harness.

Star Wars. If you want to recreate some scenes from the sequel Star Wars, then dress up your doggie in a Chewbacca Halloween costume – a cute furry hoodie that comes with a bandolier strap.

In such as case, you will have an array of characters to choose from –Princess Leia, Hans Solo, or Yoda.

Ghostbusters. Bring out your ghost busting skills this Halloween season recreating characters from this popular movie with the help of store-bought Ghostbusters Halloween outfits.

Starbucks. If you cannot start your day without a cup of coffee, then pay homage to your favorite coffee brand by transforming your furry friend into a Starbucks customer with some cardboard and markers.

Top off the outfit with the coffee lid hat. And you can go as a barista wearing a green Starbucks apron.

Prisoner – Jailer. Allow your dog to discipline you dressing it in a police Halloween costume. Pick up a prisoner costume for yourself or paint your old coveralls to make one by yourself at home. Get a sergeant’s badge for your sidekick.

Marilyn – Paparazzi. Turn your pet into a gorgeous starlet with the help of some jewelry, plastic breasts, and a white dress. Dress up as the annoying paparazzi, get yourself a camera and press credentials.

Gru and His Minion. You can dress up as Gru and turn your furry friend into a cute yellow minion. A minion Halloween costume should come with a yellow headpiece, a blue jumper, and funny goggles.

For superhero ensemble, have your pet recreate the character of the Incredible Hulk with a Halloween costume that comes with a muscled jumpsuit. Get a Captain America costume for yourself!