Food & Drink Costumes

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Food Halloween Costumes | Drink Halloween Costumes

Mmmmmmm... food and drinks. We offer a large collection of fabulous food & drinks inspired Halloween costumes made from polyfoam. Thanks to these costumes, everybody is able to spend the night as their favorite treat with our food & drinks Halloween costumes!

We have also cupcakes, candy, ice cream, fruit, your favorite brand mascots, condiments, vegetables; and the list goes on and on... These Halloween costumes go great by themselves, but can look even better when you organize a big food inspired Halloween party and invite a lot of guests.

At our Halloween store, you will find food & drinks Halloween costumes for both adults and kids. Make your neighbors and guests laugh a lot dressing like their favorite food!

Choose one of our food and drinks Halloween costumes such as adult peanut butter and jelly Halloween costumes, adult banana Halloween costumes, men’s German beer girl Halloween costumes, adult apple Halloween costumes, green M&M Halloween costumes, and others.

These funny and cool food & drinks Halloween costumes open up the world of imagination and fun. Express your appetite with our selection of food & drinks Halloween costumes.