Zombie Costumes

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Zombie Costumes For Adults & Kids | Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

How do zombies look like? Some believe that zombies wear the same clothes before they died. So zombies’ clothes are just torn, dirty, and blood-stained, too! Zombies’ faces are rotting, and their inner organs protrude. 

If you want to become a zombie for a night, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish it to be. It is not hard to find dirty, ragged clothing, but it can be not easy to get that rotting-flesh look. We offer easy-to-use zombie makeup kits that provide the "fresh" zombie look.

Zombie Costumes For Women & Men | Scary Zombie Costumes For Kids

If you are going to show advanced decomposition, use a prosthetic wound that is easy to use and come with a complete instruction. You can also wear a gruesome zombie mask and add fake intestines that will hang out through a hole in your T-shirt.

We offer zombie Halloween costumes in sizes for both kids and adults and in different styles: child zombie hunter Halloween costumes, adult zombie Halloween costumes, kids skeleton Halloween costumes, boy zombie Halloween costumes, and others.

To create a complete look, we also offer a wide variety of fabulous accessories such as contact lenses, zombie intestines, spirited wigs, ripped tights, neck pieces, and others.