Werewolf Costumes

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Werewolf Costumes | Werewolf Halloween Costume Ideas

Whenever or wherever werewolves lived, they dressed up as their neighbors, when in human form. And, if you want to become one of them, you can wear one of our werewolf Halloween costumes.

You can be one of Ovid's Lycaones by wearing a toga Halloween costume and a wolf mask. You can also be a werewolf from almost any time or location by pairing any ethnic or historic werewolf Halloween costume with a wolf mask and gloves. 

Scary & Realistic Werewolf Costumes For Adults & Kids

If you want to become a werewolf for the next Halloween party, you do not have to be bitten. Choose one of our classic werewolf Halloween costumes and practice your howl. At our Halloween store, you will find werewolf Halloween costumes for both adult and kids.

Make your neighbors be scared dressing like a werewolf! Wear one of our werewolf masks to transform your face, or use makeup. These scary and cool werewolf Halloween costumes open up the world of imagination and mystery. Reveal your wild spirit with our selection of werewolf Halloween costumes.