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Playboy Bunny Costumes | Playboy Halloween Costumes

Our Playboy Halloween costumes are patterned after the original design worn by the Bunnies in the Playboy Clubs. The classic bunny outfit is a strapless satin corset in any color, including bunny ears made from the same fabric, dyed-to-match satin pumps, and sexy black pantyhose. All Bunnies have a white collar with a black bow tie, a fluffy white bunny tail, and cuffs in white.

If you want to be a Playboy Bunny for the next Halloween party, the only thing you have to do is to figure out what color of bunny you want to be. We have a wide variety of Playboy Bunny Halloween costumes, like sexy party bunny Halloween costumes, hare bunny Halloween costumes, pink sequin bunny Halloween costumes, and others and accessories such as bunny tails, glitter heels, bunny masks, wigs, and pantyhoses to express bunnies’ wild side.

For men, we carry cute theme smoking jackets, as well as decadent bachelor costumes. Wear one of our fabulous Playboy Bunny Halloween costumes and imagine those reactions from everyone at your next Halloween costume party.