Cool Vampire Halloween Costumes From Recycled Materials

To make Halloween unforgettable, you do not have to spend tons of money on a costume. However, if you want to buy the most expensive outfit, it is up to you.

On the other hand, if you are going to save as much money as possible and can make Halloween as exciting and unforgettable like other events, make your own Halloween costumes from recyclable materials.

Be a Vampire for Halloween: Cool Costumes From Recycled Materials

Ten dollars and creativity is enough to make a great costume for Halloween. All you need is to think out of the box and open your mind to various recyclable materials. Below are tips on making a recycled Halloween costume that is cheap and easy to put together!

The first thing you have to do is to plan: would you like to be a popular TV show or movie character? Or are you going to be an entirely new character? Before creating, conceptualize!

Take into consideration that popular characters’ costumes are difficult to redo. To look the same way like the character and not some cheap imitation, you might have to spend much money and we do not want you to do that.

Therefore, if you are going to make a cool Halloween costume from recycled materials, then you need to dress up as a unique character.

You have lots of options to choose, for example, you can dress up as popular Halloween monsters such as: zombies, vampires, ghosts, the Grim Reaper, poltergeists, random guys with blood stains on their shirts, and others.

So, in this post, you will learn how to create your own vampire Halloween costume using old clothes and dark makeup.

For a vampire Halloween costume, you will need black clothes, dark makeup, and $5 on fake vampire teeth.

Being a vampire on Halloween is very easy. It is like dressing up as a Goth but with sharp teeth. Firstly, gather all your dark colored clothes together and mix and match.

Try black clothes with red, white or violet accents, but remember that black must be a dominant color on your costume as long as vampires are known for being fond of black.

Once you have chosen a Gothic get-up, it is time to wear makeup – lots of makeup! Vampire have dark nails and wear heavy makeup with their hair down. So, to look pale, apply foundation and white powder.

Then give a go to your black lipstick, but if you want to look like a vampire seductress, apply a dark red one. To create that that dark, Gothic appeal, apply dark eye shadow on your eyelids and dark eyeliner underneath your eyes.

Remember, modern vampires do not have capes like the ones we saw on TV, but if you have a black overcoat, use that for your costume, as well.

Once you are done with your vampire costume and makeup, you are all set for Halloween as a modern vampire!